Max and Chaffy: Welcome to Animal Island


Max and Chaffy: Welcome to Animal Island is the debut story in a new graphic novel series for early chapter book readers.

Max has just moved to Animal Island and it’s full of new friends such as Orlando, Crumbs, Moose and Pedalo.  There is also a very special creature called a Chaffy, but Chaffy is lost! Max is extremely good at finding things, so it’s down to Max to find where Chaffy belongs.  The comic book author Jamie Smart lays out the story so that the reader helps to find where Chaffy belongs, through a series of ‘find Chaffy’ interactive pages.  This is a heart-warming and charming adventure story, full of friendship and joy

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Max and Chaffy: Welcome to Animal Island

Jamie Smart

(David Fickling Books)

Max and Chaffy: Welcome to Animal Island is the first of a new series from Jamie Smart aimed at the young emerging reader.
Max is brilliant at finding things and helping people.  As he sets off exploring the island, one good deed leads to another. An interactive ‘can you find’ page also leads the reader to finding Chaffy. Max vows to help Chaffy find his home but each person they help is not the right one.
Each chapter features a new location and another interactive page, where finding Chaffy also leads to finding the object. Each successive chapter builds on the story of where Chaffy belongs, with the charming conclusion being that he belongs with his soulmate Max! There are more ‘find it’ challenges for readers to enjoy at the end of the book.
This is a brilliant introduction to comic layout for younger readers. The illustrations are very cute, as is the mix of characters.  The text is appropriately sized and clearly laid out. This is a series which is likely to be very popular with parents and teachers everywhere and will most definitely get kids hooked on reading!
Bookwagon is pleased to stock several of Jamie Smart’s excellent graphic novels for younger readers, such as Flember.


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