Max & Chaffy: Search for the Ice Chaffy


How will Max and Chaffy find an Ice Chaffy? They discover that Ice Chaffies have one and a half ears and live in very cold conditions. What’s more, they like lettuce- but then, who doesn’t?

It seems that Jacob would love a chaffy, but especially an Ice Chaffy. However, to find one will involve finding lettuce in Crumbles’ snowy vegetable patch which means borrowing Bradley’s shovel. Then again, Bradley’s shovel is needed to dig up the snow to find his lunchtime burrito, and then to help Chief Constable Moose find his ladder. Above the police station is a telescope which offers views all over Animal Island, including the Ice Caves…. Will it lead the friends onward to an adventure? Then again, will they find Jacob an Ice Chaffy, or might there be more there than they expected to find?

Bookwagon loves this third, though standalone, visit to Animal Island and Max and Chaffy. We welcome this triumphant graphic novel for younger readers aboard. Max & Chaffy: Search for the Ice Chaffy is a joy to read!

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Max & Chaffy: Search for the Ice Chaffy

Jamie Smart

(David Fickling Books)

It seems that ice chaffies live in very cold places and eat lettuce (but then who doesn’t?) Thereafter Max & Chaffy: Search for the Ice Chaffy, helping Jacob who’s keen to have one. However, it’s snowing and difficult to search. What’s more, it seems that Crumbles’ lettuces will need digging out with Bradley’s shovel!
It seems that borrowing the shovel might lead to helping Chief Constable Moose find his ladder which is needed to locate the telescope. However, what might the friends spot from the top of the police station HQ? Could there be icy caverns beyond from where Mum and Dad are waving? Then again, what will happen if Jacob’s quest leads to this snowy place? Could there be danger? Could he find what he’s looking for? Thereafter, might there be a… Yeti? Furthermore, could there be a rescue mission in the offing? It doesn’t seem as though this was part of the plan, but then might the Yeti come up trumps?
Bookwagon loves this early graphic series from Jamie Smart, which includes Welcome to Animal Island. Not only are the graphics sharp, sparkling and beautifully realised, but then the storytelling is funny and warm.


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