Max Kowalski Didn’t Mean It


Max Kowalski Didn’t Mean It‘ when he messed up Elis Evans’ model paints. He didn’t mean to be late to school,  forget to do his homework or  superglue his hand to the desk. Mr Brew says he understands about ‘the situation’ at home, but Max doesn’t really. He knows he has to be Dad’s ‘big man‘ and look after his younger sisters when Dad’s not there. Yet home is not home anymore. He remembers that Mum’s not there anymore sometimes and feels a ‘lost boy panic’. Max can’t manage the laundry, the breakfasts, Ripley’s yearning for a rabbit, and all the boxes that Nice Jackie delivers. Suddenly the boxes become a pink suitcase on wheels full of used bank notes.

Elis Evans’ nain has a home in Wales. Max means to leave home with his sisters and find somewhere safe. What is in Wales? How can they hide safely? Will Max be able to manage his sisters in a new environment while keeping the secret of Dad’s disappearance? Everything is becoming as murky as a once dazzling pair of white trainers.

‘Max Kowalski Didn’t Mean It’ is a warm, empathetic, heartfelt, meaningful story. This title will stay with its lucky readers. We recommend this wonderful book up a mountain and beneath a hidden dragon.


Max Kowalski Didn’t Mean It

Susie Day


‘Max Kowalski Didn’t Mean It’ when he arrives at school without a 3D model of an international structure. He didn’t mean to arrive late, after an earthworm funeral. He didn’t mean to destroy the game he’s playing with his best friend, Elis Evans. Mrs Evans says, ‘You never do.’ He didn’t mean to investigate the boxes and suitcase cluttering up his family’s home that Nice Jackie delivers. Max Kowalski wasn’t expecting to find money….
Yet Max Kowalski does mean to take care of his younger sisters when Dad disappears. Max is Dad’s ‘big man‘. He has to step up when Dad’s not there. However, things are falling apart, and Max can no longer smell ‘home and care and time and love’. Elis Evans’ nain’s house in Wales is lying empty. Max Kowalski doesn’t know quite what he’s doing when he takes his sister there. He knows they need safety and shelter. Max Kowalski knows he misses his Mum but cannot talk about it. He knows that the gold hiding beneath a legendary dragon on the Welsh mountain close to Elis Evans’ nain’s house might help. Who will help Max?
‘Max Kowalski Didn’t Mean It’ is a brilliant story. We hear Max’s inner voice, feel his pain, confusion and fear. Will there be a Welsh gold to help him and his sisters? Possibly from Louise’s book, or even beneath the hidden dragon? Readers who enjoy real-life stories like The Unexpected Find will adore this treasure of a title.


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