Max Meow: Cat Crusader


Who is Daddy, the masked boss who passes orders to the robot? It seems he’s after the skills of super talented inventor, Mindy. However, Max the Cat’s on his way to Mindy’s. She lives in a top secret location because of her inventions. She shows him a range of her latest ideas. Max’s eyes nearly pop out of his fluffy head when he learns about her ‘infinity pizza necklace’. However, they realise they’re being watched…. What’s more, though this intruder suggests he’s a magician, it seems he’s a sneak thief, and then after Mindy and her skills!

When a battle ensues, a tussle results in the launch of Max Meow: Cat Crusader. Suddenly the ordinary Max the cat is no more, and a superhero feline is in place. Max is keen to test his skills and use them to keep Kittyopolis safe. However, Mindy’s concerned about how these might be targeted to track her down. Can the friends agree? They need each other. Meanwhile, it is as Mindy suggests… Daddy wants Mindy’s skills!

Max Meow: Cat Crusader is a quick-witted, furry fast graphic novel ideal for readers of the InvesitGators’ series. We welcome it aboard!

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Max Meow: Cat Crusader

John Gallagher

(Penguin Random House)

It seems that Max’s ‘super secret friend, Mindy‘ has special talents. Not only is she the inventor of the ‘pizza frisbee‘, but also the ‘bubble trumpet’ and ‘self-tying shoelaces’. However when Max’s need for pizza inspires Mindy’s fourth invention of his visit- an ‘infinity lunchbox necklace’– it feels his mind is blown!. Then again, Max’s mind is likely to be altered altogether after the pair discover an interloper. What’s more, this intruder seizes upon Mindy’s meatball mixture,! This is the one she’s warned her visitor about. This leads to a fiasco, and…. the emergence of Kittyopolis’ new fluffy superhero
Like Batpig: When Pigs Fly, Max’s superhero alteration is accidental. Furthermore, like that character, Max’s full of his change, power and need to do good. However, could it be that he ignores Mindy’s warnings? Then again, might it be that Mindy’s in grave danger? If Max’s super heroic powers begin to be doubted by the town, won’t it leave her more vulnerable?
John Gallagher imbues his hero with such humour and fallibility. Thereafter, we love his friendship with Mindy and then their kindness shown toward the townspeople. Bookwagon welcomes aboard Max Meow: Cat Crusader, 


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