‘Max’ is born into a family with a proud super heroic legacy. His parents, Captain Lightning and Madam Thunderbolt, are ‘legendary catchers of thieves and bullies’. They are very proud that Max walks and talks quickly, but dismayed that he does not fly, but  floats ‘gently back to earth‘. Although his parents and grandparents encourage him with bouncing, bumping and throwing him ‘like a feather on the wind’ Max does not fly. His school friends wonder why he wears his cape and mask and taunt him, while his father encourages him to play with the budgie, but Max does not fly.

One morning, when the adults of the ‘house the colour of the sun and the shape of a lightning bolt‘ are dreaming of ‘past heroic deeds‘, Max sees a baby bird ‘about to fall from its nest.’ What will he do?

Bookwagon delights in Bob Graham’s glorious picture books. They demonstrate empathy, tenderness and a knowing eye of the small but acute connections within families and between friends. This picture book maker offers such a variety of perspective and sequence that readers take more from the story. There is so much happening that is unsaid, but understood. ‘Max’ is no exception. We are delighted to welcome ‘Max’ aboard the wagon.



Bob Graham

(Walker Books) 

‘Max’ walks and talks early. HIs parents, Madam Thunderbolt and Captain Lightning, expect him to fly ‘like a bird‘ as a matter of course. After all, isn’t he destined to follow in their legendary super heroic flight path, and that of his grandparents? However, despite his mask and cape, Max floats ‘gently back to earth’. Mum reminds her son that superheroes need to ‘hover and hurtle and swoop‘. His school friends ask why he doesn’t ‘do tough things‘ like his parents.
Then one morning, when the older superheroes are dreaming of ‘yesterday’s exploits‘, a baby bird falls from its nest. It is ‘not ready to fly‘. Could this be the moment when a superhero is born?
Bob Graham is a Bookwagon favourite picture book maker. We have basked in the wonder of his books from the recent The Underhills A Tooth Fairy Story to earlier titles like the glorious Home in the Rain. Bookwagon is proud to recommend this soaring, jet streaming picture book to our readers!


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