Maya & Cat


Cat appears on the roof opposite Maya’s. However it seems that ‘feather boas’, and ‘pink shoelaces or a pompom on a stick’ cannot lure her down. Might ‘a boatful of fish under a tiny tin sail’ encourage Cat ‘to see‘ and maybe eat ‘every oily silver morsel’? 

Thereafter, Maya is committed to discovering Cat’s home. Yet outdoors is ‘as wet as a seal’ as the pair set off, Maya leading with a ‘new can of fish in her pocket’ and Cat following ‘politely behind’.

Through the verdant, sea green, oil mist pictures of a town, we trail with Maya & Cat. We feel Maya’s hopes in this cat, alongside the density of her search. Is it possible that Cat might provide the answers? Furthermore, might there be starfish shaped surprises for Maya?

Bookwagon adores this lush, poetic picture book of wishes and fish, sea and rain, the insouciance of a cat and the hopes of a child. Maya & Cat is glorious.


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Maya & Cat

Caroline Margerl

(Walker Books)

Maya & Cat meet ‘on a roof’ where the feline’s fur is ‘as grey as a puddle’ while she is ‘rumbling a rumbly purr’. Yet where does this cat come from? It seems that Maya must investigate, once she’s lured the furry one down, which is no easy task! Might ‘a boatful of fish, under a tiny tin sail’ tempt this feline? Thereafter we begin the hunt for home, though ‘a thousand lit windows’ suggest a daunting search.
Caroline Magerl offers lush, tangible, emotional pictures that truly illustrate a young girl’s fascination and longing for the feline that’s  so temptingly available. Or is she? Thereafter, the text, poetic, longing and journeying, takes us from house to house, pad-pad- thump, as we follow behind the pair through the lanes. Who is missing their pet? Might following her ‘now. Down through the town and across the park. Along the shore and onto the pier… lead to those missing an errant puss? Yet what of our damp cyclist, whose hopes of her own pet seem to be thwarted?
Bookwagon loves this picture book maker’s Nop.  What’s more, we urge readers to discover this treasure of a writer/ illustrator. Maya & Cat is luscious, tastier than any ‘teacakes shaped like starfish‘.


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