Maybe… there are tigers down at the the mango trees. However, it is a pity not to go and look at the mangos, isn’t it? That’s what the three little monkeys consider. After all, they love mangos. What’s more if there are lots of mangos and one is just a short distance away, it’d be a pity not to pick it, wouldn’t it?

Thereafter, what if that mango’s sweet juiciness was so exceptional that you just had to have another? What’s more there is not sign of tigers! You’d just go on, wouldn’t you?

With heavy suspense, daring and our growing anticipation, we watch the three little monkeys abandon all sensible warnings about TIGERS! It seems the mangos, ‘so tasty’, ‘so delicious’ are all that’s on their minds….

Chris Haughton has employed bold jewel pinks and oranges in this, his latest printed picture book. Thereafter, the monkeys contrast in blues and greens. Throughout the book, we read white, printed text and look forward to the changes of direction, zoom and background. All of it builds our excitement in such a superb picture book. Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome Maybe… aboard!

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Chris Haughton

(Walker Books)- hardback

‘Whatever you do, do NOT go down to the mango tree. There are tigers down there.’ Yet, Maybe there’s something by the mango tree that calls to the three little monkeys so strongly that they might ‘HAVE to look at the mangos’. Thereafter, the lure could grow so strong that they must ‘get a little’ mango. ‘That’d be all right’… wouldn’t it? After all, if there WERE any titgers they’d have seen them, wouldn’t they?
After Don’t Worry, Little Crab and Shh! We Have a Plan amongst other award- winning picture books, Bookwagon is overjoyed to read Maybe. Like those titles, there is a steady, pulsating suspense of daring. Does the little monkeys’ greed get the better of their sense? They’ve been warned about tigers. Then again, is one mango enough, or might it be that its sweet juiciness has them longing for more?
Chris Haughton creates bold pictures in brilliant backgrounds, varying setting, direction and tone empathetically and excitingly. Therefore, as little monkey scrambles ‘down, down, down, all the way down to the GROUND‘, we anticipate tiger trouble. Could it be that the adult monkey has it wrong? Might it be that the tigers are a ruse? We err on the side of caution, don’t we? Maybe….


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