McTavish Goes Wild


McTavish Goes Wild‘ or he would if he could! Mum and Betty are encouraging the other members of the Peachey family toward a camping holiday.  McTavish knows that’s just what’s needed! What can he do to convince Pa, Ava and Ollie that the wild, open spaces offer opportunity and fun?

McTavish Goes Wild’ is an endearing, funny and wise book. McTavish seems like a silent bystander in events. Yet, like Betty and Ma, we know he’s more intelligent and persuasive than the other members of the family might suspect.

We recommend this title, and its predecessor, Good Dog McTavish to all readers who enjoy adventure and fun!  ( A dyslexia friendly title).


McTavish Goes Wild

Meg Rosoff, with illustrations by Grace Easton

(Barrington Stoke Conkers)

McTavish Goes Wild‘ or he would if he could! The Peachey family need his encouragement to realise a summer camping holiday is essential! It’s a delight to return to McTavish and his family in this perfectly written, funny and wise book.


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