McTavish Takes the Biscuit


McTavish Takes the Biscuit’. Well, McTavish has always helped out, hasn’t he? He cleans up the leftovers when the family cook, and now that Pa Peachey has taken on baking, well…

Except, Pa Peachey’s baking is a disaster. The family don’t feel they can tell hm. Even McTavish is avoiding the biscuit crumbs. Surely Pa Peachey will take the hint? He would never plan a magnificent construction of thousands of ginger biscuits for the local baking competition, would he?

We welcome the return of McTavish and his family to Bookwagon. This dyslexia friendly series, including Good Dog McTavish and McTavish Goes Wild is warm, engaging and very funny. ‘McTavish Takes the Biscuit’ focusing on the hapless Pa Peachey, is the icing on a very successful (dog) biscuit!


McTavish Takes the Biscuit

Meg Rosoff

(Barrington Stoke)

Pa Peachey has taken up baking. From rock hard bread to inedible biscuits, his efforts are dismal. The family work to encourage him. ‘McTavish Takes the Biscuit’ literally. He feels honour bound to clear up the leavings of unsuccessful efforts. What happens when Pa Peachey sets himself up to create a magnificent show bake? We are delighted to welcome the return of the Peachey family and McTavish to Bookwagon


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