Me and Aaron Ramsey


Despite his love of football, Sam seems stuck in the second team. It doesn’t really matter for he and best friend Mo join the gang at the Glan for a kick about. Then again, there are always club matches, and the opportunity to hear Mo’s mother, Divya, screaming instructions from the stands. Furthermore, there are always the videos, especially those that include Aaron Ramsey. It seems that Sam’s always been obsessed. Once it was Thomas the Tank Engine. Now, it’s Aaron Ramsey.

However, when Sam’s Dad is spotted for Peniel, it seems like a lifeline. It’s not only the football, it’s also a chance for the family, where money’s tight and the relationship between Sam’s parents is fractious. So what if everything seems to be going wonderfully, until one moment changes everything?

Is there a chance of recovery? Of a second chance, even to confront matters that were left for too many years, hidden and unspoken?

Bookwagon loves the thoughtfulness, warmth, love and care in Me and Aaron Ramsey. We long for The Bad to leave Sam, and for him to feel secure and happy. We recommend this outstanding book to all emotionally aware, considered readers.

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Me and Aaron Ramsey

Manon Steffan Ros

(Firefly Press)

Sam’s devoted to football. However, his own play never stretches to beyond the second team. He and Mo take time to have a kick about down the Glan on weekends and after school. Then again, Sam dreams are full of Me and Aaron Ramsey.
Sam worries about things for Dad, and then for Mum and Dad and Mattie. He calls these times The Bad. There are things about Dad he knows that are hidden. What’s more, he’s aware of Mum’s anxiety about the family. Therefore, when it seems that Dad has a chance at a football career, it’s like everything’s perfect. However, what if something happens that turns life upside down? How can Sam handle it? Mum and Mattie? And then, Dad, who, it seems, has a long road to recovery and demons to face?
Manon Steffan Ros offered a slow burning wonder with the Carnegie Medal winning The Blue Book of Nebo. Yet again, we have the privilege of falling into sparse, insightful, emotionally aware storytelling wherein we know and feel for Sam. In fact, we can imagine each step on the staircase, his watching his mother and sister, and then his hopes for his father. Bookwagon loves and recommends Me and Aaron Ramsey. What a tender, nuanced and intelligent novel.


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