Me and Mrs Moon


‘Me and Mrs Moon’ have fun with Dylan, and Jack, Mrs Moon’s dog. Mrs Moon is a fun child-minder, almost like another grandmother for Maisie and Dylan. She has lots of ideas and is never boring. She meets the children after school and cares for them during the holidays.

Unexpectedly, Mrs Moon begins to see things that are not there. She forgets Dylan. Her behaviour changes. Maisie and Dylan don’t want to tell their parents, or alert Mrs Moon’s daughter in Australia. What are they to do?

Helen Bate has created a thoughtful, empathetic graphic novel about the impact of dementia on its victims and those who love them. ‘Me and Mrs Moon‘ is a beautiful, convincing story.


Me and Mrs Moon

Helen Bate


Maisie and Dylan love Mrs Moon looking after them. She is full of good ideas and is never boring. Yet something’s up with her. She’s seeing people who aren’t really there. Mrs Moon is convinced there’s a child trapped in the radiator. She’s loud and anxious and confused. What’s going on? How can Maisie and Dylan help? ‘Me and Mrs Moon’ is an authentic, sympathetic graphic novel about dealing with those you love affected by dementia.


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