Me and You


‘Me and You‘ a book of opposites, offers a day of differing experiences. Dry or wet? Big or little? We make comparisons between the mother and child’s actions.

Across Alice Melvin’s broad canvas of cut out shapes and characters, we watch the progress of parent and child. From home to the park- throw or catch, up or down, hide or seek. Then home- wet or dry.

There is storytelling to be done in the experience too. The day was abandoned when it rained! Why IS the mother resting?

Alice Melvin’s board book quartet, opening with My Day provides a quality reading experience for very young readers. Unlike many board books, reproduced from picture books, these titles have been made specifically for early years’ readers. There’s specific consideration in the text, the full storytelling content in the inviting pictures, and to the concepts themselves. We are delighted to recommend ‘Me and You’. 


Me and You

a book of opposites

Alice Melvin

(Tate)– board book

Up and down, light and dark, resting and sleeping. ‘Me and You‘ offers opposite actions and experiences. Dry or wet? Throw or catch? Alice Melvin’s superb early reading quartet, beginning with My Day, offers an engaging experience.


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