Measuring Me!


What would you announce about yourself if you were Measuring Me!? After all, we know that each of us is unique and to be treasured. Then again, how many muscles might every one of us have? How may sweat pores? More specifically what about the thousands of taste buds each of us has? How much water might we hold within each of us? Furthermore, how much (dried) washing would have to be folded and weighed to meet the same weight as our skin? Then again, which is my biggest bone and then, the smallest one? Where might they be found in our bodies?

Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome Measuring Me! Not only is this picture book full of facts that are likely to entrance younger readers, but then to inform them too. Thereafter, we suggest Measuring Me! is a wonderful choice to read together, talk about, gift and then to include on bookshelves at home and school.

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Measuring Me!

Nicola Kent

(Little Tiger Press)

Can you imagine being ‘as tall as ten tin cans‘? Then again, how many toys might weight the same? Furthermore, how much water might fill you up altogether? Washing? Dry washing? How much dry washing would weigh the same as you? What’s more, just think of how many ‘different scents’ and ‘thousands of taste buds‘ you have within you? We’re Measuring Me!
Nicola Kent celebrates the wonder of us. It means we celebrate the ‘millions of miles‘ we might see ‘across the universe‘. While we wonder at that, then again, we might be entranced by the differences within our bodies. For example, just think of our bones, from our tiniest to the biggest! Then again, what about the energy that every one of us holds. it seems we’ve enough to ‘power a light bulb‘? Furthermore, how far would the hair on our heads stretch should be lay them ‘end to end’? Thereafter, we conclude this wonderful picture book with a star burst of numbers about each of us.
Bookwagon loves Measuring Me! In fact, we recommend this information picture book for every home, KS1 classroom and library. Like this picture book writer’s All the Cats, for example, there is such joy and clarity, specificity and colour in this title. We are delighted to welcome it aboard!


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