Meet the Artist Alberto Giacometti


‘If we master a bit of drawing, everything else is possible. ‘Meet the Artist Alberto Giacometti’ invites readers to learn about the history and legacy of our subject. Nick White takes us on a picture discovery, from Giacometti’s beginnings to pieces for which he is best known. Along the way, we learn about Giacometti’s inspirations. We see what he considered most important in his art, and why.

There is opportunity for readers to indulge in the sort of practice which Giacometti recommended, e.g., repeated drawing of the head of a subject. Doing this allows artists to recognise differences, details and features.

There is so much to learn and develop from the story and activities in ‘Meet the Artist Alberto Giacometti’. We are pleased to include this title aboard the wagon, alongside Meet the Artist Peter Blake.

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Meet the Artist Alberto Giacometti

An Art Activity Book

illustrated by Nick White

(Tate Publishing)

Nick White invites you to ‘Meet the Artist Alberto Giacometti.’ We know him best for his wire sculptures. What more is there to know? We experience the artist’s beginnings to his influences. We practise Giacometti’s techniques. Can you draw objects that fit into differently sized boxes? What about a little modelling? How does movement of your subject affect its position? This is a respectful and engaging art activity book focused upon a trail blazing artist.



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