Meet the Artist David Hockney


Meet the Artist David Hockney‘ is a treasure trove of opportunity. We learn about David Hockney’s ethos. Hockney’s background and inspirations are explored. What are Hockney’s art forms? Why is Hockney considered the most influential British artist of the twentieth century?

Rose Blake compares the settings which he has depicted and the various ways he has shown these. Readers are invited to show emotion through colour, as Hockney does. How would you show nervous? Or excited? Readers can create their own life in a comic form, as Hockney has. They are shown how to create impressions of water, after learning about Hockney’s fascination with this element. What about stage sets or portraits? ‘Meet the Artist David Hockney’ is a rich, inviting art activity book full of information and inspiration.

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Meet the Artist David Hockney

An Art Activity Book

Rose Blake


Bookwagon is proud to add ‘Meet the Artist David Hockney‘ to its collection. What are Hockney’s inspirations? How has he shown landscape? What media does he use? What is David Hockney’s ethos. Alongside the information is opportunity to work in Hockney’s style. Readers are invited to recreate the textures of water. They might show their personal setting. Maybe they’ll make portraits in Hockney’s manner. How might they show emotion through colour? This is a captivating addition to a wonderful series.





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