Meet the Artist Frank Bowling


‘Meet the Artist Frank Bowling‘ invites readers to take inspiration from the recently recognised, hugely acclaimed British Guyanan born artist. He interprets a series of pictures of his mother, innovates, reconsiders migratory journeys through map collages. Frank Bowling is inspired by his feelings, senses and memories. He says, ‘I don’t ever stop painting in my mind.’

Frank Bowling’s journeys are constant. He considers where he began and revisits his early experiences. He turns fresh eyes on his major artistic influences of colour and shape. He encourages fledgling artists that ‘mistakes’ are only a creation waiting to be revisited.

Hélène Baum and Zoé Whitley develop activities from this title that are relevant, open-ended and glorious. Bookwagon is delighted to include this title to its Meet the Artist fold. We recommend this and Meet the Artist Alberto Giacometti and Meet the Artist Peter Blake to creative spirits. Readers who appreciate visual or kinaesthetic experiences will love this series.

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Meet the Artist Frank Bowling

An Art Activity Book

Hélène Baum and Zoé Whitley


‘Meet the Artist Frank Bowling‘ coincides with an acclaimed exhibition of his works at Tate Britain:- Tate Britain Frank Bowling exhibition.
Readers travel with Frank Bowling through his influences, experiments and development. Along the way, readers are invited to create their own works in Frank Bowling’s style. Can you create a textured painting with PVA, table salt and glitter? What about cutting up and reshaping maps? What do you discover?


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