Meet the Artist: Georgia O’Keeffe


Many people can readily identify Georgia O’Keeffe’s works, from her repeated paintings of bleached cattle skulls, to her forensic paintings of flower interiors. However, in Meet the Artist: Georgia O’Keeffe, we’re offered her story, alongside her influences and experiences. What’s more, we’re invited to practise our art through a series of activities relevant to the artist.

Therefore, as Georgia O’Keeffe, moves from the cityscapes of New York, to the vast landscapes of New Mexico, we might create a wild weather struck desert. Then again, we might create a colour palette to express our feelings. After all, George O’Keeffe said ‘that colour was one of the great things in life’. Furthermore, we might observe a flower as this artist did, and then ‘zoom in on ‘one part’. Thereafter we consider, ‘does it still look like your original plant’?

Bookwagon loves this Tate series. Each title is a superb opportunity to extend our cultural knowledge and appreciation while also practising and building our own skill. Bookwagon recommends Meet the Artist: Georgia O’Keeffe. 

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Meet the Artist: Georgia O’Keeffe

An Art Activity Book by Marina Muun

(Tate Publishing)

Although she was one of seven children born into a dairy farming family, Georgia’s ambition was to be an artist. Thereafter, she assumed what she learned, such as about the importance of composition. What’s more, her own heightened skills of observation were to prove critical to her work.
In Meet the Artist: Georgia O’KeeffeMarina Muun tracks the artist’s life, alongside offering readers the opportunity to practise and create. Thereafter, when Georgia’s travels begin with New York, living ‘high up not he 30th floor of a big hotel’, we’re invited to build our own city! Furthermore as Georgia’s life began to include the ‘sky, mountains and high plains‘ of New Mexico, we might make a ‘marbled sky’. What’s more, the descriptions are clear and illustrated. They include top tips also, for example, to think about the heat and cold of our landscapes.
Like Meet the Artist: Sophie Taeuber-Arp, this title informs us of an important figure in art history. It seems this artist explore landscapes and still life so that her work was almost forensic. Then again, her colour use was expressive, while she absorbed experiences, from music to weather!
Bookwagon recommends Meet the Artist: Georgia O’Keeffe highly. There’s one bookseller who is determined to ‘choose a song’ and draw it, as suggested here, at the very least!


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