Meet the Artist: Sophie Taeuber-Arp


Although Sophie Taeuber- Arp is best known as a Dada artist, she was someone who seized life and used her experiences to inspire her work. Her life as a dancer, inspired her puppets which worked to show real movement through the 3D shapes she employed. Then again, she used the shapes in her paintings wherein they were overlaid in a series of colours that only bare form was evident.

Sophie Taeber-Arp designed bags and pillows, wall hangings and rugs, by plotting patterns painstakingly, ahead of weaving them on looms. Meanwhile, her embroideries. such as of birds, were worked out in a number pattern that shape and colour were overlaid in waves and tones.

Alongside this groundbreaking artist’s history and work, readers are invited to practise their own activities using her example. Thereafter, they might follow a number and colour pattern to create a bird design. They could take up a brief similar to that Sophie Taeuber-Arp received in Strasbourg;  designing the interior of a tea room full of patterns and colours.

Not only does Meet the Artist: Sophie Taeuber-Arp introduce us to an artist who needs greater appreciation, but the activities are really inspiring and broad. Bookwagon is proud to include this superb art activity book to our art and activity titles.

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Meet the Artist: Sophie Taeuber- Arp

An Art Activity Book

written by Zoé Whitley, illustrated by Lesley Barnes


Hugo Ball said of our subject, that she was ‘full of inventiveness… bizarreness’. It seems as we Meet the Artist: Sophie Taeuber-Arp, that we are encountering somebody who seized every opportunity.
For example, she created a cardboard hat with streamers to wear to a friend’s party. Then again, she was a dancer, entranced by movement and the fun of the show. Thereafter, she invented ‘bold costumes for carnivals‘. What’s more Sophie was a member of the Dada movement. It  believed in ‘creating brand new meanings for what art could be‘. Thereafter, they made words into pictures and poems without words. Yet this Dada-is went further in her craft. Her embroidery work was of such intricately constructed shapes and colours that her husband compared her to a bricklayer!
Alongside a lifeline of this artist’s creations, Zoé Whitley and Lesley Barnes invite young artists to create their own works of arts, employing the methods described. Therefore we learn about Sophie’s weaving, which leads to an instruction to create a wall hanging. Thereafter, we read of the stained glass windows imagined and created by Sophie ahead of an activity to create our own.
Meet the Artist: Sophie Taeuber-Arp is part of a superb Tate series that includes Meet the Artist David Hockney and Meet the Artist Frank Bowling. What’s more, it expands into other movements, with Meet the Artist The Pre-Raphaelites, allowing readers to build an understanding of different styles, motivations and figures.


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