Meet the Artist The Pre-Raphaelites


The Pre-Raphaelites were formed in 1848. Nearly 200 years later their influence impacts upon our lives and creations. Who were they? What did they stand for?

In ‘Meet the Artist The Pre-Raphaelites’, we read about individual members like Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the symbolism inherent in Pre-Raphaelite creations. We observe famous works, like Holman Hunt’s ‘Our English Coasts‘ and learn how they were formed. Readers are introduced to trailblazers like Julia Margaret Cameron. We observe Victorian life through Ford Madox Ford. Readers realise the importance of nature to the Pre-Raphaelites.

Throughout this learning, readers are invited to create. They might collate a list of dream jobs, or build a picture from a series of images, or create a portrait including symbols related to their subject.

Tate’s ‘Meet the Artist’ series is of high quality and interest. Bookwagon is pleased to extend our range to include  ‘Meet the Artist The Pre-Raphaelites’. 

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Meet the Artist The Pre-Raphaelites

An Art Activity Book

Helena Perez Garcia


Meet the Artist The Pre-Raphaelites‘ introduces readers to the works and members of a trailblazing Victorian group. Who were the poets and photographers? Who were the painters? What did the Pre-Raphaelites stand for? What did they introduce? Can you spot the clues to their motivation in their works? Readers are invited to learn about the Pre-Raphaelites and create in their styles, through this engaging activity book.


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