Meet the Dinosaurs


Imagine travelling on a dino safari where we’re welcomed by a Brontosaurus! This gentle giant directs us through his damp, lush habitat that we might encounter other magnificent creatures from more than two hundred million years ago with whom he shares his life.

We watch Spinosaurus chasing fish through the water, though we’re warned this is a ‘mighty strong swimmer and hunter./ in the water and out on dry ground’. Then again, we’re quick to run from the ‘fast moving, meat-eating’ Allosaurus, and the ‘sharp, shiny teeth and strong jaws’ of Tyrannosaurus! However, Diplodocus, though ‘twenty-six meters in total/ from [its] nose to the tip of [its] tail’ is busy laying ‘eggs in the depths of the forest’.

Alongside Caryl Hart’s seemingly effortless rhyming information, we’ve fantastically popping pictures from Bethan Woollvin. Their coordination creates such a fascinating and fulfilling picture book that we love, a wonderful addition to their series. Bookwagon loves and recommends Meet the Dinosaurs. 


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Meet the Dinosaurs

Let’s Zoom Off on a Journey to the Past…

Caryl Hart, illustrated by Bethan Woollvin

(Bloomsbury Publishing)

Can you imagine a journey where you might encounter the mightiest creatures that ever walked the planet?  Let’s Meet the Dinosaurs.
 Caryl Hart and Bethan Woollvin lead us on a Dino Safari ‘back to two hundred million years in the past’. Thereafter, we lurch into the Jurassic with a long neck Brontosaurus as our guide. He points out the ‘lush damp green‘ of this habitat. Thereafter, he introduces us to a Stegosaurus who’s interested in eating ‘mosses and leaves‘.Furthermore, we encounter a Diplodocus, as ‘long as a blue whale- twenty-six meters in total‘ ahead of a fierce Allosaurus, ‘as long as a lorry‘!
Alongside the writer’s rhyming information text, we’ve Bethan Woollvin’s bold, tropical hued pictures. Somehow they lend something more exploratory and wonderful to the whole excursion. Then again, there’s the danger from creatures like Spinosaurus and Velociraptors, amongst others. Bookwagon can imagine keen dino spotters adding to and confirming their knowledge and understanding. We are delighted to welcome this title aboard, another from a winning duo, further to picture books such as Meet the Weather, for example. Meet the Dinosaurs is a really satisfying and wonderful, fun, information picture book.


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