Meet the Planets


Meet the Planets takes us off on an exciting space adventure.  We climb aboard a rocket with an aspiring astronaut and her trusty dog to meet all the planets of the solar system. We join in with the rhymes and spot all the friendly planets, from shimmering Saturn to mighty Mars.

This is such a striking, read-aloud, story-led picture book, replete with deceivingly simple rhymes and stunning illustrations.  It combines STEM learning with a rhyming twist and is perfect for all would-be astronauts!   It is sure to inspire stargazing and a continues interest in our solar system.

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Meet the Planets

Caryl Hart, illustrated by Beth Woollvin


In Meet the Planets, young readers are invited to join an aspiring young astronaut and her trusty dog to climb into a rocket ship.  Then they can fly on a journey of discovery to meet the planets that they see in the night sky.  It begins with the sun and goes way out to the dwarf planet Pluto.  Furthermore, each double page spread presents a series of informative and rhyming poems, alongside intriguing illustrations.
This book is great, both as an introduction to the solar system and perhaps also to allay fears of the dark.  It takes a unique and welcome approach to help young readers learn about what’s out there in the night sky. The bold palette and humour bring each planet to life.  Venus is the ‘goddess of beauty’, Jupiter the ‘king of the planets’ and Saturn is ‘your beautiful queen’.  The authors call us “lucky” to have Earth as there is no other like it in our solar system.  This lovely book will surely inspire an evening of sky-watching to see what can be seen.
This is part of the brilliant ‘Meet the…’ series by Caryl Hart and Beth Woollvin.  Bookwagon is also pleased to stock ‘Meet the Weather’ from that series.


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