Mega Meltdown


Jack Tite has created a fascinating non-fiction book in ‘Mega Meltdown’. Organising his information geographically, he details a range of extinct creatures that once roamed our planet. Before the Ice Age giant eagles soared, giant armadillo and mastodons roamed proudly.

Jack Tite compares the creatures to modern day relatives. He examines their sizes, strengths and weaknesses. The essential role of habitat, such as the smilodons’ woodlands, are explained.

The concise way the information is organised, the range of creatures and depth of fact, are convincing. Extra considerations, such as the foldout pages, emphasise wingspan, for example, or the way specific features were exploited by early humans.

‘Mega Meltdown’ is a gigantic, wonderful book, perfect for any budding scientist or geographer. This is a ‘forever’ book, an ideal gift and reference title.

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Mega Meltdown

Meet the Colossal Animals of the Ice Age

Jack Tite

(Big Picture Press)– hardback

Mega Meltdown introduces readers to animals lost through the Ice Age. Jack Tite shares information collected from around the world. Thereafter, which creatures lurked in the European wilderness? It seems that strength and habitat, wingspan and hunting technique might be compared. Then again we look at what caused their demise. Furthermore, we learn what their closest living animal relatives might be, today. What’s more, we look at their habitats considering the changes. What impacted on these species? Furthermore, where might their remains be found? It seems that so many of these creatures have been lost in our memory and knowledge and yet each impacted upon us. The writer explains how.
Then again, like Fossils From Lost Worlds, we think upon life in times past. However, we learn how what we know is changing constantly, to be revised and revisited. Bookwagon is awed by this almighty title. It seems that this writer and illustrator takes such care in his work that there is a significance to them that is almost incomparable. Thereafter we suggest that Mega Meltdown is a book to be enjoyed at home and school.


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