Mega Robo Bros 5: Next Level


In Mega Robo Bros 5: Next Level, our hero robot brothers are now heroes and celebrities.  They even get invited to royal garden parties.  They are adored by a grateful public after they won an epic battle against the Wolfram super robot.  But it isn’t all cucumber sandwiches and iced coffee for the brothers, for their fame has brought with it a number of new enemies.

Furthermore, older brother Alex is haunted by the consequences of the battle with Wolfram, for a number of his RAID colleagues were badly injured.  Alex feels responsible in some way.

When The Toymakr (no ‘e’), begins a campaign of intimidation and terror, Alex and Freddy are called back not action, while lurking in the shadows is an entirely new and terrifying supervillain….

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Mega Robo Bros 5: Next Level

Neill Cameron

(David Fickling Books/Phoenix Comics)

Alex and Freddy, the Mega Robo Bros, are now famous, following their battle with the super robot Wolfram in Mega Robo Bros 4: Meltdown.  While Freddy is enjoying the fame, Alex is less sure.  He especially feels remorseful about the injuries sustained by his colleague Susie, who is now in a wheelchair.
The brothers’ fame has also attracted dangerous interest from a new foe.  The ‘Toymakr’ (no ‘e’), has manufactured thousands of toy dolls modelled on the brothers.  These dolls however can be controlled to wreak destruction and pose a threat to human kind.  The brothers soon deal with these, but the battles only bring Alex back to a bad place, as he remains haunted by his actions.  To make matters worse, a further danger is lurking and London is newly under threat.
Just when they think that The ‘Toymakr’ (no ‘e’) has been defeated, he returns with even more powerful robots whom he has programmed to cause havoc and destruction.  Once again, the Mega Robo Bros are called into action, but will Alex’s worries hold him back from his task?
The Mega Robo Bros series is one of Bookwagon’s favourites.  The stories are packed full of action and the artwork and lettering is superb, while there is humour aplenty.  With this latest edition of the series, there is a welcome emotional context introduced. Mega Robo Bros 5: Next Level is the best yet!


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