Mega Robo Bros 6: Carnival Crisis


Mega Robo Bros 6: Carnival Crisis continues the excellent comic book series by Neill Cameron, featuring the human/robot hybrid brothers Alex and Freddy.

In this edition, the brothers face multiple threats.  Firstly, they must prepare for the return of their most formidable enemy, then malicious malware has been unleashed, leading to a rebellion of AI robots across the country.  Furthermore, on a personal level, older brother Alex is having something of a teenage identity crisis.  He is conflicted about his relationships with family and friends and struggling to come to terms with is unique position.

Neill Cameron’s series has been a delight and this excellent edition takes us further towards a huge climax.  As always, there is plenty of action and satisfyingly evil villains, but what marks this series out is it’s subtle underlying themes about representation, conflict and teenage worries.

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Mega Robo Bros 6: Carnival Crisis

Neill Cameron

(David Fickling Books)

In Mega Robo Bros 6: Carnival Crisis, brothers Alex and Freddy face their greatest danger yet.  In addition to having to deal with the return of their most terrifying enemy, further problems are lurking.  First, there’s a robotic malware virus that is causing robots to rebel against humanity.  Furthermore, there is a growing anti-robot protest movement building.  All in all, it’s a lot for two robot brothers to cope with.  Matters take a very bad turn when the robot malware strikes during the annual carnival and not just that everyone’s great time will be spoiled.
In this episode in the series, much of the focus is on older brother Alex.  He is experiencing teenage angst and worrying about his future.  In short, he is going through an identity crisis, worsened by his younger brother Freddie, who is increasingly annoying and impetuous.
Returning to the action, the brothers must discover who is behind the evil plan to foment robot insurrection.  Could it be the return of their arch enemy?  The crisis has only just begun and the brothers find themselves caught in the middle.
Neill Cameron’s series goes from strength to strength, blending action with relationship problems and teenage worries.  Bookwagon is proud to stock the entire Mega Robo Bros series, starting with Mega Robo Bros Power Up.


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