Mega Robo Bros: Nemesis


The fabulous Mega Robo Bros series continues with Nemesis and this time the brothers are in mortal threat.  Someone or something is fomenting revolt, turning the people against robots and AI.  This puts the brothers in a difficult position, being half robot and half human.  Alex, the older brother, is also going through a period of teenage angst, questioning himself and who he is.

The brothers suspect that a malicious player is at the heart of the malware outbreak that is sending robots on a murderous spree.  Sure enough, an enemy from their past emerges as the cause of the conflict.  Can the brothers fulfil their crime fighting role, especially with younger brother Freddy’s robotic powers have been taken over by their enemy and nemesis.

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Mega Robo Bros: Nemesis

Mega Robo Bros 7

Neill Cameron

(David Fickling Books/The Phoenix Comic)

Amid an atmosphere of protest and revolt against AI and robots, Alex and Freddy and their family try to keep a low profile.  In Mega Robo Bros: Nemesis the stakes are high and dangerous.  A malware outbreak is causing robots to attack humans.  Moreover, the brothers are caught between fulfilling their crime fighting role and their human interactions, friends and family.
However, the brothers suspect a nefarious hand behind the outbreak.  Sure enough, an old enemy emerges from the shadows, determined to pitch brother against brother as part of an evil super plan.  Furthermore, Alex is troubled by his role, he is finding it harder and harder to know what he is and what is his purpose.  Moreover, in the midst of his own troubles, he has to find a way to save his brother.  It seems that Freddy’s robotic systems have been taken over by this unseen enemy.  What’s more, Freddy is now hellbent on destroying London!  Can Alex stop his brother – and save him from the corrupting evil power of the brothers’ enemy?
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