Mega Robo Bros: Power Up


Alex and Freddy are two normal bickering brothers.  They get on their parents nerves, have problems with bullies at school and have plenty of friends.  They also happen to be super-powered robots!  They’re off on school trips, going to the theme park, and annoying each other in the playground.

When robot dinosaurs run amok at the museum and other strange things happen, the brothers are ready for action.  The series of robot attacked put the people of London into jeopardy, so it’s time for the boys to step up! Who is behind these evil attacks and will the robot brothers be able to foil the plans of the evil mastermind behind the tracks?

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Mega Robo Bros: Power Up

Neill Cameron

(David Fickling Books)

Set in a futuristic London, Alex and Freddy are the adopted brothers of a genius scientist and her husband.  They are regular brothers who bicker, argue and fight.  The difference between Alex and Freddy and other brothers is that they are both robots!   They are not the only robots in London, but their mother knows that they are “the most complex cybernetic intelligences ever created by humanity”.  Such a claim isn’t too obvious when Freddy starts to sing his “poopy butts” song – although it does show him and his brother to be very much like regular kids.
In Power Up, Freddy and Alex are off on a school trip and spend plenty of time annoying each other. That is until they have to battle the other robots of London under the control of the evil Robot 23.  Mayhem ensues as robotic dinosaur amok and Robot 23 attempts to destroy a tube train. Who is the evil mastermind Robot 23 and can the brothers stop him?
It is easy to like Freddy and Alex. The dialogue is very natural and believable even in a futuristic setting and the reader quickly feels both absorbed and invested in the adventure.
The London drawn by author and illustrator Neill Cameron is certainly futuristic, but recognisable.  The cast of characters is effortlessly inclusive and diverse in a way that feels completely authentic. The graphic novel is beautifully illustrated and coloured and can stand confidently alongside the best graphic novels for adults. The depth and detail of the illustrations is fantastic and rewards repeated viewing, while the dialogue is witty and absorbing.
Freddy and Alex also appear in novel form, in ‘Freddy vs. School’, also available in the Bookwagon on line store.
Neill Cameron’s own web site is well worth a visit; it is packed full of drawing tips, art resources and links to his comics and books.


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