Memories From Limon


Ramiro travels back to Costa Rica from the UK, where he has been working.  As well as visiting his family, he plans to interview and record conversations with family members as research for a planned book about the family.  Firstly, his mother shows him family photo albums that spark her memories and reminiscences.  From here, Ramiro goes on to speak with elderly cousins and other family.

A remarkable story emerges about his grandparents and great uncle.  This is a story that reveals hidden family secrets and truths that impact upon Ramiro directly, so much so that it will change his life forever.

It is rare that a graphic novel has such depth and tells such a gentle and moving story.  It was the deserved winner of the 2019 Guardian graphic novel of the year award.

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Memories From Limon

Edo Brenes

(Nobrow Press) 

Costa Rican national Ramiro has been working and studying in the UK.  He leaves the rain and cold behind to visit family in Costa Rica and to research a book he is planning about the family’s history.  With his Mother, he looks through a series of photo albums that triggers memories and story telling from his Mother.
Thereafter, Ramiro spends time with surviving uncles and cousins to stitch together a series of remarkable family stories and reminiscences.  Furthermore, his informal investigations lead to more revelations as a series of hidden truths emerge.  Moreover, even as these secrets are revealed, Ramiro has no idea that some will come to change his life forever.
This is a graphic novel like no other Bookwagon has encountered.  Further, it is thoughtful and compelling, gently telling its story and revealing its secrets. The memories of his family elders spur Ramiro on and force him to contemplate his own role within the family.  Memories From Limon deservedly won the Guardian Graphic Novel Award of 2019.
Nobrow, the publishers of this lovely book, produce highly notable graphic novels, many for older readers.  Bookwagon has several available in its on-line bookstore, such as An Illustrated History of UFOs and Summer Spirit.



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