Michael: The Amazing Mind- Reading Sausage Dog


Michael is set on becoming a superstar. When he discovers that he can read the mind of another dog in the park he’s delighted; he’s discovered his special talent. What’s more, that dog, Stanley Big Dog, seems willing to become his assistant.

Thereafter, the pair form an act to present at the Search for the Su-paw-star talent show. How can it go wrong? After all, it’s been proved that Michael can read minds!

However, what about a peanut balancing chocolate labrador? Then dancing poodles or singing greyhounds? Furthermore, what if you’re the bearer of very short legs, while your assistant’s priorities are sticks, sausages and pork chops?

Bookwagon loves Michael: The Amazing Mind- Reading Sausage Dog and recommends it to our readers!

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Michael: The Amazing Mind- Reading Sausage Dog

Terrie Chilvers, illustrated by Tim Budgen

(Firefly Press)

It seems that Michael’s aim is to be a superstar, fêted in Hollywoof. However, how might he get his leg up to stardom? First of all, he discerns his talent by discerning the thoughts of Stanley Big Dog. It seems that most of this dog’s thoughts revolve around sticks, pork chops or sausages. However, Michael’s skills go further than this. It means that when Michael’s big moment arrives with a place in the Search for the Su-paw-star talent competition, he’s ready, with Stanley in tow. What’s more, they’ve even glittery waistcoats, and are firmly rehearsed.
However, what if being able to read the minds of audience members and then comperes go wrong? Then again, what if there is another, able to balance peanuts on her nose, who seems the most likely star of the show? How might Michael’s talents have a chance to sign?
Bookwagon loves this witty, cleverly crafted story. While it’s reminiscent of News Hounds, for example, there’s also a wealth of canine appearances, from our dachshund hero, to his sidekick and competitors too. We recommend Michael: The Amazing Mind Reading Sausage Dog to our readers.


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