Mighty Min


Can Min live up to the adventures that her aunts tell her? They are invincible, an army of assault that can defy any threat. Yet Min is hardly Mighty Min or is she? What happens when a bird plucks her away from her home? Could this be the start of a life of extraordinary thrills, such as that of her aunts? Or has Min little of what it takes to find her way home, help the bird and conquer her fears?

Alongside exciting storytelling, Mellssa Castrillōn’s pictures are overlayered, intricate, somewhat old worldly, and curious. We love their originality and propensity to search and discover more and more within the layers. They seem to symbolise the discoveries of Mighty Min perfectly!


Mighty Min

Melissa Castrillōn

(Alison Green Books)

Every night, Mighty Min hears the tales of her aunts’ extraordinary deeds. She wonders about her own adventures. Can somebody as tiny as her hope for the same sort of thrills?
Then, one night, Min is plucked away from home by a bird. What can he want from her? Min is tiny. She is hardly a Mighty Min! How can she be either a good meal or someone to help?Somehow, rather as with Billy and the Beast, Min defies logic and her own fears. Could it be that Min is truly mighty? It seems like she’s about to find out!
Mellisa Castrillōn is the acclaimed illustrator of The House with Chicken Legs. Her writing, like her illustration, is rich, complex and soaring. This title is an ideal selection for readers of any age.


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