Migloo’s Day


‘Migloo’s Day’ is crammed to the gunnels with incident, adventure and friends. First we meet his friends, then we join Migloo as he hops on the farm tractor to have breakfast with Farmer Tom. Food features a lot in ‘Migloo’s Day’. Migloo follows his nose to market to Suki’s Super Sizzling Sausages! The market’s packed with so many stalls and customers selling a vast array of stock.

Readers will be fascinated with the tight, rich opportunity to explore the pages. While ‘Migloo’s Day’ is a ‘search- and-find story book’ the opportunities are open-ended. The pictures are almost Duplo like, the text, while incidental, is curious and fascinating.

Bookwagon recommends ‘Migloo’s Day‘ to its youngest readers, although older readers will find much in here to entrance too. ‘Migloo’s Day’ is a splendid addition to a newer reader’s bookshelf.

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Migloo’s Day

William Bee

(Walker Books)

‘Migloo’s Day‘ is jam-packed with adventure, friends and incident. Readers travel through ‘Migloo’s Day’ observing and sharing. There is so much to see and comment upon! The pages are Richard Scarry rich and fascinating, with William Bee’s unique perspective.


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