Themes of Departures, Long Journeys, Arrivals and Hope for the Future organise the fifty postcards created for ‘Migrations Open Hearts Open Borders.’

Where there is change/ there is hope./ Where there is hope/ there is life.’ writers Shaun Tan on his origami formed, Shaun Tan themed and stamped postcard, that opens the Departures section. Jon Klassen offers a single, watercolour female sparrow fledgling. Petr Horáček offers an ostrich in flight against a star splattered sky. He writes, ‘Everything is possible. You were born free.’ 

There is such depth and consideration in every contribution. Each postcard demands to be lingered over so that message within the words and image are realised and understood.

‘Migrations‘ is a beautiful compilation. It is a ‘forever’ book, one to cherish, give and hold close in your every day existence.

Amnesty International and the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) will share royalties from sales of ‘Migrations’. 



Open Hearts Open Borders

(Otter-Barry)- hardback

The International Centre for the Picture Book in Society compiled an exhibition book of fifty postcards from leading international illustrators. These focus upon the theme of ‘Migrations’. Contributing illustrators include Chris Riddell, Axel Scheffler, Jon Klassen, Jackie Morris and P.J. Lynch.
As a result of the curation and skills of the contributing illustrators, ‘Migrations‘ is a powerful, glorious picture book. Furthermore, this collection is a ‘forever’ book, one to read, share, realise and treasure.  Certainly, this little book packs a mighty punch of wonder and message.



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