Floyd is not sure why ‘Mike‘ turns up court side. His appearances distract Floyd from his game. Floyd has a big tennis future ahead of him, with the Roehampton under-18 British championships ahead. Floyd and his family have been working toward this for years.

‘Mike‘  leads to Floyd taking time out to talk to Dr Pinner. Why is Floyd the only person who can see ‘Mike‘? What can ‘Mike‘ want from him? He seems oddly familiar… He seldom speaks. Step by step Floyd and Dr Pinner work back to the first time he appeared.

With writer Andrew Norriss in a Dr Pinner like court-edge seat, we follow Floyd’s career. We unpick the clues, see the boy emerge, join him as he begins to make discoveries about ‘Mike’, himself, Water World, the wide world and so many possibilities.

I love Andrew Norriss’s steady pace and lack of melodrama. There’s an assurance that we are in on the diagnosis and recovery. We cheer Floyd on from unseeded, uncertain, to tunic button bearing champion. ‘Mike‘ is a superbly satisfying, compassionate, inspirational and wise story.

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Andrew Norriss

(David Fickling Books)

‘Mike’ appears when Floyd is serving. He’s turned up on a few other occasions when Floyd has been playing tennis. What does he want? He seems familiar. What are the triggers that make ‘Mike‘ appear? The biggest mystery of all is why nobody other than Floyd can see him…


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