Milo Imagines the World


Milo Imagines the World on his never-ending Sunday train rides that leave him like ‘a shook up soda’. He watches the passengers and sees one ‘trawling through brown mounds of slush‘ to a ‘cluttered apartment‘ with ‘mewling cats’. Thereafter a boy in a suit is imagined in a ‘horse-drawn carriage’ being carried ‘to his castle’. He sees the ‘wedding dressed‘ passenger attending a ‘grand cathedral ceremony’ before being whisked ‘to an awaiting hot air balloon’. 

Yet how do we imagine Milo?

The contrast between Milo’s crayon drawn imaginings, and thereafter his cluttered, pulsing train journey are skilled and telling. Furthermore, the language used in the book is so descriptive, empathic and rich! What do we imagine for Milo?

Award winning team Matt De La Peña and Matt Robinson of Last Stop on Market Street have created an outstanding picture book recommended for readers of all ages. The dense story, the setting, characters, possibilities and anticipation are quite breath-taking. Bookwagon loves and recommends Milo Imagines the World.


Milo Imagines the World

Matt De La Peña and Christian Robinson

(Two Hoots)– hardback

Milo and his sister slip aboard the ‘tired train that clatters down the tracks’. Thereafter they are bucked ‘into motion’ with the other passengers aboard. There seem to be ‘wedding dressed’ people and a ‘dog peeking of a‘ handbag, alongside a ‘whiskered man’ and a ‘business man‘ with a ‘blank, lonely face’. Milo watches. It seems that ‘these monthly Sunday train rides are never ending’ and leave Milo like ‘a shook-up soda‘.  Making pictures of the other passengers’ lives helps Milo ‘keep himself from bursting‘. So what does he see? Milo Imagines the World. 
From Last Stop on Market Street Matt De La Peña and Christian Robinson lead readers on another journey. However, this is unlike that of the boy and his grandmother. There is an another, imagined world, an absence between siblings and then the weight of the journey end. What is happening as Milo Imagines the World?
Matt De La Peña’s creative story with its wit and glorious, descriptive text is intricately realised through Christian Robinson’s rich pictures. It seems as though we are connected with Milo and can feel the shunt and thrust of the journey and his anticipation. Thereafter, when we reach his final stop,…


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