Mini Rabbit NOT LOST


‘Mini Rabbit NOT LOST‘ but on the hunt for berries. Without berries, there can be no cake. Oh oh! Mini Rabbit will find berries. She dismisses offers of help, warnings about conditions and pursues berries for cake. Through forests, over mountains, by sea, through snow, she continues, ‘Cake cake cake’. 

Colour sequenced landscapes with broad seasonal splashes are interrupted by curious popup characters and sights. John Bond suggests an element of surprise. Mini Rabbit experiences a similar journey to  Barnett and Klassen’s Triangle. There is something vulnerable and ‘wound up’ in her bug-eyed little character.

I have hopes that Mini Rabbit will return.  Meanwhile, welcome ‘Mini Rabbit NOT LOST’. We think she’s a star! Enjoy your ‘cake cake cake’!

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Mini Rabbit NOT LOST

John Bond

(Harper Collins)

Mini Rabbit NOT LOST’ must have cake. She needs berries for cake. Mother Rabbit has no berries. There may be some under… but Mini Rabbit will go to the ends of the earth for berries, for cake. Be assured, though, it’s ‘Mini Rabbit NOT LOST’! 


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