Miss Cat: The Case of the Curious Canary


Miss Cat takes in every detail of Mr Maximus when he comes to her, seeking her help. It seems his beloved canary, Harry, has been kidnapped. Mr Maximus is the only one with a key, so he knows his pet has been stolen.

However, it seems Miss Cat doesn’t take everything on face value. She’s keen to investigate. Could there be something to be discovered with Doris, daughter-in-law to Mr Maximus, who’s protected by a fierce bulldog? Then again, what might Miss Cat find at Loombucket Lane, where Doris bought the canary for her father-in-law?

Or might it take Miss Cat to spy on each of the people involved in the kidnapping to discover the truth? In fact might this story lead to Mr Maximus’s former life as a highly regarded entertainer?

Alongside an enigmatic, rather dystopian story we enjoy bold, sinuous lines amid splurges of symbolic colours. In fact, this is a sort of ‘film noir’ graphic novel experience, albeit filled with twists and clever turns and crafty clues to alight upon. It means that Miss Cat: The Case of the Curious Canary is a joy to read, a graphic novel that Bookwagon is very pleased to welcome aboard.

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Miss Cat: The Case of the Curious Canary

Jean-Luc Fromental & Joëlle Jolivet, translated from the French by Jill Phythian

(Thames & Hudson)

Mr Maximus presents The Case of the Curious Canary before Miss Cat. It seems this sad, grey man is distraught for his beloved bird’s has disappeared. Mr Maximus suspects foul play. After all, he’s the only one with a key to this cage. We learn quickly that Cat’s a quick and intuitive detective. In fact, we see that she smells a rat….
Thereafter, we watch as she interviews Doris, Mr Maximus’s serpentine daughter-in-law, who’s tracked by her aggressive bulldog, Wolgang. We don’t expect the detective and dog to get along, but there’s something fishy in all of this. Then again, what about the place to which Cat’s directed by Doris? Might there be clues to be found here?
Rather like The Inkberg Enigma, it seems, we’ve a conundrum to crack alongside our feline detective. However we realise the danger to her, alongside not being quite sure who we might trust.
The black line drawing, sequencing, asides, elongated characters and colour infused backgrounds lend a sort of Maigret effect to the graphic storytelling. Then again, this is clever, funny and stealthy work from Jean-Luc Fromental and Joëlle Jolivet.
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Miss Cat: The Case of the Curious Canary aboard and looks forward to further instalments in a quirky and entertaining series!


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