Mission Microraptor


Finn doesn’t really want to be on his class trip to the Alps. He’s much more inclined to be vegging out behind a device with a pizza prepared. However, the trip is overshadowed rapidly when he finds himself free falling into a race for survival. However, it’s not only his, or Milo’s survival, that’s at stake. More importantly for Finn, it’s the survival of the ‘bird’ he discovers at the bottom of the glacier into which he falls.

Somehow Finn bonds with Artemis (aka Artie), who from her very first ‘Keear’ Finn regards as his to care about. Then again, he and Milo don’t have many moments to build a rapport with this strange creature that breaks open from the egg Finn discovers. It seems that Artemis is sought desperately, and then from two camps. So, who to trust? What’s more, how can two anxious, unfit London schoolboys possibly outwit trained agents? Then again, what about Artemis?

Bookwagon is in raptors/ raptures about Mission Microraptor. This is an astounding, reckless, seat-of-your-pants, hilarious and truly uplifting adventure. We are so excited to share this wonderful story with our readers.

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Mission Microraptor

Philip Kavvadias, illustrated by Euan Cook

(Chicken House)

It was the need for a selfie that did it. In that moment, when his foot slipped, Finn catapulted himself and Milo into a high action chase of discovery, hijinks and terror. Then again, he didn’t have to collect the egg, did he? However, how was he to know that the ‘bird’ that hatched from it, whose ‘Keear!’ call sends shivers through him, is not a bird. Welcome to Mission Microraptor.
Philip Kavvadias offers the sort of adventure caper we might imagine fits a Ultimate Survival Handbook. However, Finn’s no adventurer. In fact, he yearns for a night gaming with pizza and chips. What’s more, Milo is a walking encyclopaedia, a ‘Prof’, useful for his knowledge and observations but totally at sea otherwise. What have they done? It seems Artemis, the ‘bird’ Finn discovers accidentally, is highly prized. Then again, this ‘bird’ is sought but by two agencies. Who to trust? Then again what to do if you’re on the run in a foreign land? Through forest, mountain and river?
Bookwagon is cock-a-hoop with this book. Not only is it utterly readable and engaging, but it’s so much fun! We can hear Finn, realise his growing confidence alongside his appreciation of Milo. Then again we see the pair work together, build skills of observation, strength and survival. We recommend Mission Microraptor highly- so very highly- to all our middle grade readers.


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