Mister Boo!


Rosie named the black kitten Mister Boo! after she was surprised when he popped up at her. Thereafter, he continued to offer surprises, from awakening her by pouncing on her in the morning, to upsetting the goldfish bowl, when he wanted to play.

Mister Boo! lived for games, from pouncing, twirling and frolicking, to getting ‘up to all sorts of mischief’ His favourite season was Spring, when he would frighten the baby birds about to take flight. Then again, he would scatter ‘the baby rabbits when they were taking their first look at the world‘. When he frightened ‘the baby owls from the treetops‘, it left the ‘poor mother owl’ to rescue them!

However, it wasn’t really wickedness, just a need to have fun and enjoy the season.

Yet there came a time when Mr Boo! slept more than usual and had difficulty squeezing through the cat-flap door. What’s more, it seemed as though the baby birds took no notice of him, while the squirrels just ‘stared and skipped right over him’. Might there be a way for Mr Boo!’s spark to return?

Mr Boo! is a tender, empathetic, and beautifully considered picture book with such a delightful story and colour-saturated, rich and wonderful pictures from Joyce Dunbar and Petr Horáček. Bookwagon loves this picture book and recommends it highly.

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Mister Boo!

Joyce Dunbar, illustrated by Petr Horáček

(Walker Books)-hardback

When the cat arrived at Rosie’s house and ‘poked his head out of the box‘ suddenly, Rosie laughed, ‘How do you do, Mister Boo!’ This cat ‘liked fun. Again… and again.. and again.‘ It meant that he crept after anything and ‘swished his tail’ before he pounced.. What’s more he did this to other creatures, to awaken Rosie and then once to ‘play with the fishes’ in the goldfish bowl!
This cat loved every season, from the ‘warm fires and laps to sit on‘ in winter to the sunshiny grass ‘and dandelions‘ of summer. However, ‘he liked the SPRING most of all’. There was so much ‘fluttering and flouncing, such a twitching and stirring’. Most of all there were baby birds to frighten ‘when they were learning to fly’.
Joyce Dunbar and Petr Horáček collaborate anew with Mister Boo! after the ultimately satisfying Grumpy Duck. Once again we are in the animal kingdom, tracking the life and behaviour of an irascible but beloved animal. Thereafter, we watch his frolicking, gaiety over seasons until it comes to a time when our cat has ‘slept for longer and longer more than he ever had before’. Can this black cat ‘squeeze through  his cat-flap’ to greet a new spring and create mayhem anew? Or might something else be in store?

There is so much empathy, love and warmth in Joyce Dunbar’s text, while Petr Horáček’s pictures are lush, overlayered, coloured and inclusive. We are enraptured. Bookwagon loves and recommends Mister Boo! to readers (and cat-ophiles) of all ages.


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