Mistletoe and Murder


A Christmas journey to Hong Kong is out of the question for Hazel, while after the goings-on at Fallingford, Arsenic for Tea, Daisy is keen to be with Bertie,  the one family member upon whom she can count. So, it’s a Cambridge Christmas for our detective duo, eager, as ever to hunt for clues, size up the evidence and case the setting of their new surroundings, little realising that the countdown before Christmas will include a murder at Maudlin College.

How will Wells & Wong investigate in a backdrop of misogyny, tradition and adult hierarchy? Will Alexander and George, of the rival Pinkerton Society, pip them to the post in solving the crime?

Yet again, Robin Stevens’ brilliant plotting, clear head for history and setting, and acute knowledge of her characters, convinces her readers, who will relish ‘Mistletoe and Murder’, a wonderful Christmas set murder mystery.



Mistletoe and Murder

A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery

Robin Stevens


A Cambridge Christmas sounds just the ticket for our detective duo, but will it be one without murder, menace or marzipan? ‘Mistletoe and Murder‘ is the fifth book of the series and demands a head for heights and clues!


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