Reds declare themselves the best one afternoon. It’s considered they’re the loudest, while Yellows are the brightest, and Blues the coolest. However this time, Reds have gone too far! Yellows argue back, while Blues slink away. It’s time for the colours to separate.

What happens when two colours seek to be ‘Mixed‘? Could there be a dilution of the colours? A mixture? A threat to the old order? Maybe it’s possible to arrive at some sort of harmony?

Arree Chung’s ‘Mixed’ is an identifiable allegory created directly, encouragingly and uniquely. A World of Colour is an altogether better thing!



Arree Chung

An inspiring story about colour

(Pan Macmillan)

It was harmonious in the beginning when there were three colours only. Reds, Yellows and Blues each lived alongside each other, proud of their individual traits. However, things changed one afternoon when a Red declared superiority. Yellow argued, but Blue stayed out of the argument. However it was determined all three colours should separate.
What happens when one colour ‘notices another’?  What will the other colours think? Surely colours should not be ‘Mixed’! Could this lead to a rainbow community, dilutions and varieties? Thereafter could there be harmony?
‘Mixed‘ is an approachable, recognisable picture book allegory. Furthermore it has strains of Oliver Jeffers’ Hueys‘ series, e.g., The Hueys in the The New Jumper. Bookwagon is proud to present this intriguing picture book to our readers.

Winner of the FCBG Book Award, 2019; the UKLA Book Award 3-6 category


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