Molly, Olive & Dexter: You Can’t Catch Me!


Dexter loves chasing games. However it seems that although he’s speedy, he cannot swoop down from above like his friend, Olive, the owl. Neither can he bound on huge feet, like his friend, Molly, the hare. Therefore, what is he to do? It seems that his speeding about, chasing and being caught is dizzying! He’s lost and the other two are far faster.

What are foxes known for? Can he think of a way to win, to offer ‘You Can’t Catch Me!’ to his friends?

Alongside such a beautiful story of friendship and belonging within a rich, natural landscape, we’ve Catherine Rayner’s unctuous, golden hued, almost nostalgic pictures to luxuriate over. Molly, Olive & Dexter: You Can’t Catch Me! is a most beautiful picture book, ideal for sharing, keeping, loving and knowing well.

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Molly, Olive & Dexter: You Can’t Catch Me!

Catherine Rayner

(Walker Books)

Molly, Olive & Dexter live ‘at the bottom of the garden‘ at ‘the oak tree’. There, it seems, Dexter’s keen to play ‘chasing games’ It seems that while Molly’s sure that she can bound away, Olive’s quick to ‘swoop down‘ to touch her ear. It’s a case of ‘You Can’t Catch Me!’
It seems the three friends- hare, owl and fox- are quick, adventurous and fun-loving. Thereafter, who is the fastest? Then again, who might be the trickiest, able to chase in other directions, perhaps? However, what if one is not able to keep up with the other two, who seem to swoop and leap so that they’re dizzying. After all, this fox ‘doesn’t have wings like an owl. he doesn’t have big strong feet like a hare‘. What might he do? What are foxes good at?’ In fact, is there any way that this fox’s plan might inspire Molly’s admiration- ‘How did you think of that? You’re so clever!’
Catherine Rayner offers such a joyful consideration of animal life through Molly, Olive & Dexter: You Can’t Catch Me! Furthermore, her beautiful, lyrical layered watercolour pictures make this picture book something that inspires, upon which readers will linger over, know well, and choose often. Isn’t it the same way with her Mini and Hardly and the Big Adventure, for example? What reading treats! We love and recommend it highly.


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