Money- Go- Round


When Sam Stoat receives a gold piece for painting the door of The Tree House Hotel he imagines how he might spend it. Yet, he, like Miss Mole, proprietess of the hotel, knows there is a debt to pay. Therefore, he heads off to find Basil Badger to whom he owes money for a painting brush.

Basil Badger pays Walter Water Rat for taking his family out on a river boat excursion, although Walter protests. ‘A debt is a debt until it’s repaid,‘ explains Basil. Thereafter, Walter looks at his proud new jetty and pays its maker, Carlotta Otter. Carlotta’s payment is a weasel- y one, however. Just where might this Money- Go- Round end up?

The story of the exchange of payment for goods and services through the riverbank is a fascinating tale. Furthermore, we are entranced as Roger McGough and Mini Grey combine the morality  and economics of paying for work done within a fond, riverbank setting,  Money- Go- Round is a meaningful, entertaining and delightful picture book!

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Money- Go- Round

Roger McGough, illustrated by Mini Grey

(Walker Books)

Money- Go- Round begins when Mr Toad pays Miss Mole for ‘the biggest and best’ room in The Tree House Hotel with one gold piece. Miss Mole imagines ‘a new hat and scarlet coat‘ and ‘high tea at the Ritz‘. Yet she must pay for the hotel’s ‘smartly painted door’. When Sam Stoat receives payment, he remembers that he owes Basil Badger payment for a brush.
Readers travel through the forest with the one gold piece. It seems as though while each recipient has ideas of where they’d love to spend it, it’s owed elsewhere. After the badger family’s river excursion is paid off, Carlotta Otter receives payment for a jetty!
While we know Roger McGough as a poet foremost with works such as Happy Poems his storytelling is delightful. Furthermore, Bookwagon has long delighted in Mini Grey’s pictures with their entrancing characterisation, playfulness and imagination, as in The Last Wolf. It seems combined, these two craftspeople have created a thoroughly enchanting story in which there is an economics lesson, alongside a return to riverbank tales. We realise the morality of Basil Badger’s motto, ‘A debt is a debt until it’s repaid.Bookwagon loves Money- Go- Round and recommends it for bedtime reading and classroom story sharing, particularly.


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