Monkey on the Run


Monkey on the Run‘. He’s off! He joins a caravan of vehicles, changing at every page. We watch Monkey traverse the snake- charming fire brigade. We see him soar through a champagne afternoon tea, cat catered for King Lion. Will he make it over a rats’ banquet? On he goes, through further traffic! A rolling, seafaring troupe hoist Monkey to the crow’s nest. Where will we find him next?

Leo Timmers is a Bookwagon favourite picture book maker. We love his Who’s Driving? and Gus’s Garage. ‘Monkey on the Run’ is a sophisticated creation in that it is wordless, with detailed, various, complex pictures working to tell the story. Where is Monkey headed? What is going on in the pages? There is so much to explore, enjoy and realise. We love ‘Monkey on the Run‘ and look forward to sharing it with our readers!

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Monkey on the Run

Leo Timmers

(Gecko Press)

‘Monkey on the Run’ through an ice cream van, a snake-magic fire retardant and a vehicle cavalcade. Where is he heading? What will he see/ There may be news! Could King Lion appear with his troupe of feline waiters? Will Monkey continue through a travelling aquarium? Leo Timmers demonstrates his glorious, colour rich, storytelling picture book skills in this wonderful wordless creation. Furthermore, on every reading, we discover a little more to consider and rather more to question. This is like a monkey puzzle! There’s also a sense that the picture book maker is enjoying the opportunity to tease his readers!
We love the luscious artwork, humour and enquiry in this title, as Gus’s Garage Bookwagon is proud to bring you Monkey on the Run. 


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