Monsieur Roscoe in the City


A picnic in the party! What a treat! It’s Fry’s birthday and Monsieur Roscoe plans to celebrate his friend’s special day. However after baking the cake, it seems Monsieur Roscoe needs to head out to the busy city centre to stock up. His buy shopping is interrupted when he becomes aware that Fry is floating away! Where will his birthday hatted, goldfish pal get to!

Quickly, Monsieur Roscoe and Wilma take chase. However to the dinosaur museum? Distractions lie there and then open windows! What’s more as Fry’s journey continues it seems she’s gaining the crowd’s interest! Although Fry’s delighted by what she can see from her lofty position, she’s wearying and wants to come down to Earth. How will it happen? Then again, will Monsieur Roscoe have enough party food to share with any gathering crowds?

Alongside a really pacy and fascinating story, Jim Field includes a volley of wonderful, relevant translations so that it feels as though we’re immersed in Monsieur Roscoe’s setting and life. Altogether, with the brilliant pictures and captivating story, Bookwagon suggests Monsieur Roscoe in the City is an outstanding picture book to share, linger over, gift and enjoy wholeheartedly.

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Monsieur Roscoe in the City

Learn French with Me!

Jim Field


It’s Fry’s birthday and Monsieur Roscoe’s determined to give his goldfish friend a party to celebrate. That means getting the ‘picnic party in the park‘ ready. Therefore, after the birthday cake, it’s time to head out to the shop. However, disaster strikes!
After a visit to the greengrocer’s, Roscoe’s friend, Wilma spies Fry floating away! It means a speedy rescue mission through the crowded city upon Roscoe’s bike. Yet how will they manage should Fry float ‘into the Dinosaur Museum’? After all, it’s a place full of distractions and then… open windows! Then again what will Fry see from her lofty heights? Furthermore, how will she get down to Earth?
Bookwagon delights in Jim Field’s Francophile creation. While there is ample opportunity to enjoy his opportunity to engage with and learn the French language, this is also a fabulous picture book. In fact, we love journeying through Roscoe’s city and its environs, realising the layout and structure, rather like Marvellous Margot and then Roscoe’s life too. However, will Fry be rescued? Then again, what about everyone who’s gathered to watch Fry’s party hat flying journey? It seems there are lots of friends who want to celebrate! Bookwagon loves and recommends this second adventure with our lovely friendly dog. Monsieur Roscoe in the City is a delight!


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