Monster! Hungry! Phone!


Monster is hungry. What is he to do? It seems like it’s a case for Monster! Hungry! Phone! Thereafter, there’s a ‘tap tap tip tap tap…‘ followed by a ‘Bling-Bring Bling- Bring’.  Yet what if it’s a wrong number? It seems Monster’s telephoned ‘a jaguar in Nicaragua’. That means a redial, Could it be that Monster arrives at a ‘panda, playing ping-pong with a salamander’ and then, ‘the voicemail of Simon Sloth’ who is ‘probably asleep‘.

The drama grows for Monster’s desperate? Three ‘tap tap tip tap tap’ calls, to be followed by a ‘Bling- Bring Bling- Bring‘ and his tummy is rumbling! Is there anyone who might bring a delivery? Maybe even ‘a pizza straight to your door’? Then again, what might a delivery driver discover?

Bookwagon loves the outrageous imagination, clever rhyme and delightful daftness of Monster! Hungry! Phone! Alongside Sean Taylor’s confident storytelling, we’re drawn into the absurd, bold, bright, almost futuristic pictures from Fred Benaglia.

Bookwagon recommends Monster! Hungry! Phone! highly for reading at bedtime, sharing in classrooms and laughing through in assembly. It is a superb picture book experience.

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Monster! Hungry! Phone!

Sean Taylor and Fred Benaglia


Monster! Hungry! Phone! Yet might it be that a phone’s not the most helpful way to find food? What if a ‘tap tap tip tap tap…’ followed by a ‘Bling-Bring- Bling- Bring‘ results in a response of ‘I think you’ve got the wrong number’.
Then again, what if another ‘tap tap tip tap tap’ followed by a ‘Bling-Bring Bling-Bring’ and desperate call for food meets ‘Well don’t disturb me’! It seems that there’s ‘Amanda the panda./ playing ping-pong/ with a salamander’ on the other end. What’s Monster’s next step?
Bookwagon loves the picture book variety and style of Sean Taylor. It seems there is frequently hilarity, absurdity and wonder, as with How to Be Cooler than Cool.  Furthermore, in this wonderful picture book, we’ve the neon bright, bold, captivating pictures of Fred Bengalia to add to the drama and entertainment. Will Monster’s call result in a delivery? Is it possible that he needs to try harder? Thereafter, a ‘TAP TAP TIP TAP TAP… BLING-BRING BLING- BRING…’  The desperation grow to chaotic levels until…
Bookwagon recommends Monster! Hungry! Phone! highly to all readers. What’s more, we suggest that this is an inspired choice for sharing at bedtime, in classrooms, assemblies and adding such excitement and anticipation.


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