Monster Support Group: The Mummy’s Curse


Anatiti’s arrogance means she did not heed her advisers when she was pharaoh. Therefore, when an accident led to her early death, she did not know how to overcome the obstacles faced as she entered her journey through the afterlife. It means she was afflicted by The Mummy’s Curse, to be trapped for eternity. Then again, the Scroll of the Dead, containing all the directions she needed, was enclosed alongside her mummified body. Could it be that Pearl, who discovers her in the early twentieth century could help? Or might Pearl’s profiteering father get in the way? Then again, is Anatiti ever going to pay attention?

Could it be that she’s forced to confess and fall upon the services of the Dreadbury Monster Support Group? They’ve had experience with werewolves after all!

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome a second title from this clever and fascinating graphic series from Laura Suárez aboard. Monster Support Group: The Mummy’s Curse is satisfyingly plotted and charactered, alongside being imagined so brilliantly!

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Monster Support Group: The Mummy’s Curse

Laura Suárez

(Flying Eye Books)

The Monster Support Group gathers to celebrate the 3000th birthday of Anatiti deep beneath the village of Dreadbury. However, it seems that this celebration will take a different course than expected. When Anatiti appears, she explains how she’s subject to The Mummy’s Curse, all because of her own carelessness. Is it too late for anything to be done?
How can Anatiti, who refused to follow the good advice of her advisors and attend to the Scroll of the Dead, hope to make it to the afterlife? After an accident, this young pharaoh was mummified as was the practice in Ancient Egypt. However, Anatiti’s inattention means that she never followed all the steps necessary to overcome each obstacle along the route to the afterlife. In fact, she was too busy being incensed that her advisers dared to advise her- a pharaoh! Curses! Is there no way? What about the scroll with which she’s buried? Is it possible that Anatiti’s body might be exhumed for somebody to help, or might there be a tricky detour because of a profiteer?
Readers who loved Monster Support Group: The Werewolf’s Tale are in for such a treat! Bookwagon, in fact, enjoyed this particular graphic story more! Not only are the graphic images intricate and full of clues, again, but then this story is rich in the history and rites of Ancient Egypt. What’s more, there are really clever plot twists from Laura Suárez.
Bookwagon loves and recommends The Mummy’s Curse!


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