Monster Toys


What would you choose to play? Might it be mud modelling like Marisol, or maybe colouring ‘with crayons‘ like Christov? We trust that if you built a palace, like Peter and Parvel, Cassie would not choose to drive her cars nearby!

There seem to be so many options. Therefore, what about playing ‘saucepans with spoons‘ like Spencer, or even ‘the xylophone‘ like Xavier?

Bookwagon loves the imagination, skill and accessibility of Daisy Hirst’s bold characters and their stories. The Monsters’ series is funny, engaging and so beautifully realised. Haven’t we each reached into the toy box, or then need a rest after play? Furthermore at the end of the play, while we’re resting, isn’t it best to have a book? We’d suggest this one, or any by Daisy Hirst. Monster Toys is a joy to share, know and linger upon.

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Monster Toys

Daisy Hirst

(Walker Books)

It seems this monstrous band like any toy to play with. However, what might they choose today? Might it be a ‘mouse house‘ such as Megan selects, or even to dress ‘dinosaurs’. That’s what Deegan does. Then again, there might be a game to play, like football, as Felix and Ferelith choose. Bookwagon suggests that few will opt as Leonie does, to ‘line up lemons‘!
Bookwagon adores Daisy Hirst‘s imaginative picture books. Not only are the picture boldly formed but the colours are vibrant and the characters so expressive that we can infer meaning and feeling. What’s more, these creations are doing what we do. Therefore, there are places to go to, as in Monsters Go and choices to make!
What’s more, the wit and intelligence of the storytelling is so engaging. Not only do the characters have names that draw us in, but there’s more to realise, such as their choices begin with the same starting letter. However, there’s nothing ‘instructive’ in this, but just really good fun! Then again, we’ve characters who appear throughout the series, like Cassie, for example, who reappears here ‘driving cars into Peter and Parvil’s palace‘!
Bookwagon recommends Monster Toys highly for newer readers, as a read aloud, and then a book and thereafter a series with which to become familiar. We love this writer-illustrator, and her creations.


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