Monsters Go


How would you travel if you had places to be? It seems the monsters choose a variety of methods. While ‘Skeeter speeds by scooter, Willa likes to walk’. Then again, while ‘Kieron might get there by kite, Sadiya sails her boat’. Where are they all going? What might they do there?

We adore Daisy Hirsts’ monsters, introduced through her highly acclaimed Alphonse That is Not OK to Do!. Thereafter, a variety of characters have emerged, each different, determined and brightly coloured, ideal for our newest readers.

Bookwagon loves the humour, the vivacity, action and hilarity. There is something in the look, the shape, the movement that is very appealing. Then again, this clever writer-illustrator includes a direct, approachable text so that we’ve a story to follow, too.

Bookwagon is overjoyed to introduce Monsters Go to the fold of books for new readers. We recommend this title and others within the series, highly. They are essential experiences!

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Monsters Go

Daisy HIrst

(Walker Books)

If you were a monster and wanted to get to places, how would you travel? It seems there are places that Skeeter needs to speed to ‘by scooter’ for example. Then again, Willa prefers ‘to walk’ while ‘Cassie drives a car‘. While ‘Debbie and Buddy go by double buggy-  ‘Beatrice and Bobby take the bus’. 
We’ve grown very fond of Daisy Hirst‘s characters from Alphonse and Natalie, to Hamish of Hamish Takes the Train. With this monstrous series for very new readers, we’ve another favourite. It seems that while this monstrously adventurous gang enjoy many of the things we enjoy including Food, their options might be rather more adventurous. Therefore, Rodney’s choice to ride ‘ rabbit’? or even Zebedee’s choice to take a ‘zipwire’! Then again, where are they headed, and how will they travel home? It seems there are so many options and then might they choose the same one, or even travel together?
Bookwagon suggests, it’s the humour and sheer pizazz and imagination of this author-illustrator’s creations we enjoy. We love the characters the bold colours, the direction and fun! Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Monsters Go to the fold. We’re off, they’re travelling with us!


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