Monstrous Devices


Alex has time to add only a brief message to the note he and his grandfather leave for his mother. There’s a race to St Pancras and thereafter to Paris, for Alex’s latest gift from his grandfather, an old, ugly tin robot is wanted. What is this gift? Who wants it and why? Furthermore, the nature of those who hunt them down is something terrifying; it’s like they’re Monstrous Devices. They’re charged with knife-edged mini drones, or fliers, as Alex’s grandfather informs him. There are life-sizers, too.

There’s a lot that Alex’s grandfather hasn’t told him, such as the history of the robot, the treasure hidden within, and the unsettling familiarity of the tall man and the girl who chase them. Alex knows nothing of a golem!  However there is Alex’s silence about the unexpected attachment to the robot. Somehow he feels its sensations and has some sort of communion with it. Could it have something to do with the cut sustained when investigating his grandfather’s gift? Certainly, the world begins turning strangely at that point, from the essay he doesn’t remember completing, to a strange ability to control Kenzie’s attack. What is going on?

Monstrous Devices is a tremendous adventure story. It’s a race against time, against those who desire power, whose very physicality is something reminiscent, yet horrific, torn and damaged. Bookwagon recommends this tale highly for adventure lovers, for those who love stories of complexity, daring, history and conflicted loyalties.


Monstrous Devices

Damien Love

(Rock the Boat)- hardback

Alex’s grandfather started ‘his fascination and collection‘ of Monstrous Devices, or robots. The latest arrival, unexpected, is sent from Prague. It is very old, ‘angry and pathetic-looking’, ‘made from a cheap, thin, grey-green tin.‘ Yet the icy, tingling sensation Alex feels after the robot’s edge cuts his finger as a neighbourhood fox howls, is the introduction to more…
When his grandfather visits, breaking into an attack from Kenzie, Alex is surprised. However, he is about to learn that what he doesn’t know about his father’s father, is so much more. As the pair rush from St Pancras, to Paris, Fontainebleau to Prague, the instinct Alex has about the old, little robot grows. For this device holds a key to something ancient, magnificent, hidden, powerful and dreadful.
Who is on the hunt for the robot? What powers do they have at their disposal? Moreover why do the tall man and the black-haired girl seem so familiar to Alex? There are more questions than he can ask!
Monstrous Devices is a magnificent debut novel from Damien Love. While it is reminiscent of classic stories like King Kong, there are elements of Star Wars or Great Expectations in familial possibilities and Alex’s attachment to the robot with the secret. This title is entirely gripping; it is one that will be discussed for years to come, alongside its inevitable, necessary sequels.


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