So, when you close your eyes at night‘ do you ever reflect what is happening beneath the Moon? It seems that all around the world, at some point of the night, Moon works its magic.
Thereafter we encounter  a wealth of wonderful creatures. Jellyfish, puffins, turtles, penguins and tree frogs are included within Britta Teckentrup’s collection. Their experiences are highlighted by Patricia Hegarty’s magical rhyming text. It seems as though the rich, matt, moonlit shadow, thick matte papered pictures endorse the wonder, message and mystery.
Altogether, Moon is a gift of a book.
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Night-time around the world

Patricia Hegarty & Britta Teckentrup

(Little Tiger)

Animals all around the world depend upon Moon. Therefore, when we close our eyes at night, do we ever think about what is happening beneath its gaze? Patricia Hegarty and Britta Teckentrup are our tour guides as we travel through the moon’s cycle. Thereafter, we discover creatures large and small. It seems every one swims, flies, sleeps or hunts by the moon’s light.
Therefore, we watch jellyfish waft in the tidal waves. Meanwhile scorpion scuttle across desert sands. Then again, field mice scamper through hedgerows, while puffins huddle beneath the Northern Lights. It seems as though the world is alive! Look at how the Moon’s light energises and enables so many creatures and more.
Patricia Hegarty’s  lyrical rhyming text is rich, descriptive and nurturing. Meanwhile, the thick matte pages are made magnificent by Britta Teckentrup’s moonlit shadowed pictures. It is as though we are peeking on something hidden, daring ourselves not to disturb this magical world. There is something unexpected and hidden to which we are party. Thereafter, rather like All the Animals Were Sleeping, Moon is a mesmerising discovery of life around the world, throughout the day and night.


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