Loveday is a shapeshifter. It seems the gift lies with her family, the Gwynnes, who’ve traditionally been Elders of Penros. However something secret happened with Loveday’s father, while her uncle, Griff, seems to deny the old ways.

With her Naina’s death, Loveday is alone, though there are sightings of Naina’s ghost about Penros. What’s more, she’s exalting in the feeling of her shapeshifting. However, could the new Elder of Penros’s banning of people such as her be more dangerous than she realises. In fact, is it time for Loveday to take account of Naina’s warnings and lore?

Moonshifter is a glorious story of folklore, magic, inclusivity and nature. Penny Chrimes weaves such wonder in her story so that we stamp our hare paws alongside Loveday, sniff the air and thereafter seek the moon and stars.

We recommend Moonshifter to our readers. What a beautiful, nurturing, encouraging book!

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Penny Chrimes, illustrated by Manuel Šumberac


Loveday Gwynne’s Naina told her stories of Penros, its history and the role of the Gwynne family. However, more than that, Naina explains Loveday’s shapeshifting, the glorious gift with which she’s born. What does it all mean? Although Naina has the answers, the warnings, the guidance, Loveday is distracted by the wonder. However, it’s dangerous. After all the Elder has warned against shapeshifting. It means that Penros silences any difference. What’s more, it seems that Loveday’s uncle is in thrall to the Elder and disapproves of Naina and Loveday. So what happens when there’s only Naina’s ghost to help? Can Loveday live truthfully as a Moonshifter?
Bookwagon tussles to read Penny Chrimes‘ novels. The lush settings, urgent message and glorious imagination enchant readers. We love her titles, including Tiger Heart and Wilder. What’s more, with Moonshifter, we’ve an opportunity to travel with Loveday. We learn her reality, lost after Naina’s passing, falling into line with her uncle’s rules. Then again, free within her silver hare shape, she is inspired. Can Loveday live as freely as Weasel? Then again, who else might be shapeshifting? What danger is there- really? To the shapeshifters? To Penros?  What’s more, what are the Elder’s plans for Penros, truthfully? Could it be anything to do with the glorious gold that paves this township’s streets, that weaves beneath its ground? What does Loveday have to do with all of this?


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